Sutton Set Day is a wedding and event planning team based in Memphis,Tennessee.

Eunice Sutton, event consultant and designer, is a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) with the International Special Events Society. 

Eunice has a unique approach to events: We do not accept that “this is the way it’s always been done”. Thinking outside of the box and putting a spin on tradition is why our clients reach out to us.

Eunice's key qualities as an event designer include excellent time management, resourcefulness, effective communication, and passion. She believes in memorable experiences through creative event planning and management.

Eunice takes great pride in being well organized and can efficiently solve any problems that should arise during any event... My motto is "Keep calm, and let me handle it".

Every story is beautiful, but yours should be unique... Let us plan your next moment in time!

James Lenson, consultant assistant, is the best at what he does!

He is often described as a Fire Breathing Detail Dragon. Well, he accepts that with pride! The attention to those details is what puts him above others.

James loves making a clients dreams come true. Because in your dreams, every detail matters!

From his innovative concepts and creative design ideas, to his precise coordination and flawless execution.

James is currently located in New Orleans, LA which enables Sutton Set Day to service this new region of the south!


Latorrias "Torri" McGhee, design assistant.

Torri understands that an event begins long before the guests arrive... it begins with masterful planning.

Torri has an amazing philosophy that every client should have an EPIC event.

The idea is to...

Exceed the Expectations

Provide clarity to the Vision

Illuminate the Dream and

Capture the Experience in order to create the EPIC event that every client deserves!

Averi Moore is an intern with Sutton Set Day.

She is a recent graduate of the University of Memphis and desires to pursue a career in corporate Event Design in the future.

The level of energy and enthusiasm that she brings to our team is unmatched!

Whenever you see Averi, she is always smiling! 

Let us plan your next moment in time!

- Eunice

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